Space Garden
Links - Experiments and Classroom Activities

[ Web of Life ]NASA’s Space Biology program outreach site, with experiments, resources and information on biology programs highlighting space for home and in the classroom.
[ NASA’s Farming in Space ]Design and run a student version of plant growth experiments flown abroad the International Space Station. Includes videos of plants growing in space.
[ Adventures of the Agronauts ]Interactive site for younger students about space that has simulated “astronaut training” and sends students on different space missions.
[ NASA Education Programs ]This site features interactive pictures, news, and data for teachers to use with all levels of students in the classroom.
[ Classroom of the Future ]The Classroom of the Future™ program is helping to bridge the gap between America's classrooms and the expertise of NASA scientists. Contains lesson plans, papers and activities.
[ Astro-Venture ]This site is a project of the NASA Educational Program and the NASA Astrobiology Institute. Site features include interactive activities and lesson plans suitable for elementary and middle grades students.
[ Genetic Science Learning Center ]The Genetic Science Learning center is located at the University of Utah. Site features articles on the most up to date genetic discoveries and includes a gel electrophoresis experiment perfect for biotechnology classes.

Links - More Information on Plant Science and the Space Program

[ Orbital Technologies Corporation ]The aerospace engineering company that designed the Astronaut Plant Bag and led to the Space Garden.
[ International Space Station ]NASA’s site for information on the crews, missions and experiments being conducted on the International Space Station.
[ Life in the Universe ] This site includes more information about astrobiology, goals for the program at NASA, and its importance to space research. It features news and technological information, with links to web pages for students to use.
[ NASA Astrobiology Institute ]Astrobiology is devoted to the scientific study of life in the universe - its origin, evolution, distribution, and future. This site offers updated news information from NASA, teacher links, and student web page links.
[ The Blue Marble ]Great satellite pictures of the earth from space using the latest NASA technology. Easy to download or print in color for visual support in the classroom, in your locker, or on your walls.
[ NASA Kennedy Space Center ]Home page of Kennedy Space Center, with updates on Space Shuttle launches, NASA news, and outreach materials.
[ BioServe Space Technologies ] BioServe Space Technologies is a non-profit, NASA-sponsored Research Partnership Center located at the University of Colorado in Boulder, Colorado. BioServe’s mission is to develop new or improved products through space life science research in partnership with industry, academia and government.